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  • QWhat is the address of Saitama Super Arena?

    8 Shintoshin, Chuo-ku, Saitama, Saitama Prefecture

  • QWhere is the closest interchange?

    The Shintoshin exit of the Metropolitan Expressway Saitama-Shintoshin Route. Once you exit, the arena will be on your back-right. Please advance following instructions of the sign. For people visiting from the Tohoku-do/ Kanetsu-do direction, please refer to the access map.
    Access (Car)


  • QIs parking available?

    Parking is available underground at both Saitama Super Arena and Keyaki Hiroba.
    Access Parking

    Parking hours at Saitama Super Arena parking are 7am~12am. Parking hours at the "Keyaki Hiroba parking" is 24 hours a day.
    The first hour charge is 400 yen. An additional 200 yen will be charged for every following 30 minutes. The maximum charge will be 2,200 yen (excluding hours through 12am~7am).
    Parking fees are 100yen/hr at Saitama Super Arena parking, and 400yen/hr at Keyaki Hiroba parking through 12am~7am.
    Maximum charge limit will not be applied for parking hours through 12am~7am. Please be careful.

    • ※For questions, call the parking administrative office (048-600-3050).
    • ※Parking in and around surroundings of the arena is expected to be difficult due to severe crowding during events.
      We recommend using public transportation.
    • ※Due to the arena's location near to the station, regulation for parking violation in surrounding areas is heavily conducted.
      Please refrain from on-road parking.
  • QWhat is the parking capacity and height limit of the parking area?

    Combined, Saitama Super Arena parking and Keyaki Hiroba parking can fit approximatley 1,000 cars. However when including regular parking users into consideration, parking availablility may decrease during events.
    The height limit is 2.4 meters. However parking spaces for minivans (tall vehicles) are limited.
    Available number of parking for non-customers will differ due to events, regular parking, and usage by members of the event host parties.

  • QAt what time is parking most available?

    This depends on the event. There is a tendancy for parking to be full by noon in case of family-friendly events.

  • QWill I be given parking priorities if I have a concert ticket?

    Saitama Super Arena/Keyaki Hiroba parking are also available to non-customers. There are no priority services/exemptions exclusive to arena customers.

  • QAre there discount services for parking?

    Discount service tickets for parking will be provided under conditions to customers of the "Keyaki Hiroba restaurants & shops". Discount service tickets will be provided after showing staff your parking ticket when paying bill.

    ▼For customers at the Keyaki Hiroba restaurants & shops:
    ・Receive 2 free hours for payment over 2,000yen at all restaurants & shops
    ・Receive 1 free hour for payment over 1,000yen on week-days only

    • ※Parking discount services are available only for the Keyaki Hiroba underground and Saitama Super Arena underground parking.
    • ※Some shops/items may not be a part of the discount service campaign. Please contact store for details.
  • QIs there handi-capped parking?

    Handi-capped parking is available at a first-come-first-serve basis.
    People with disability certificates passbooks who plan on accessing the arena by car may reserve parking 1 month prior to the held event (e.g. You may start reservations for a 7/31 event, starting 6/30) with a limit of 10 vehicles per day.
    Be sure to bring your disability certificate passbook on the day of event. Please note that even with reservation, you may not be provided the specified handi-capped parking above.
    Contact: Saitama Super Arena parking administrative office TEL: 048-600-3050 (9am~6pm)

  • QIs there bicycle parking?

    Free bicyle parking for 500 bicycles is located at the south west corner of the outskirts of the "Saitama Super Arena", 1st floor. (OPEN 9:30~23:30)
    Floor Map

    On the south west of the 2nd floor ofKeyaki Hiroba is free by bicycle parking for 200 bicyles. (OPEN 9:30~25:00)

    Please note there is no parking space for motor vehicles including scooters.

    For regular parking, please contact the Saitama Municipal Bicyle Parking Administration Office (048-601-0069).

Tickets and Seats

  • QCan I be guided to my seat?

    Since there is no permanent stage due to changes in installments per event, we cannot predict seating prior to events. Please refer to the contact information provided on your ticket.
    In cases of confirmed staging patterns, please refer to the Seats info page (Japanese only) on our website.
    Confirmed stage patterns can be refered to through our event schedule page.

  • QMy tickets says "○○○ level", but what does that mean?

    As "200 level" = 2F, "300level"=3F is described, the first digit represents the floor of the arena. However the 1st floor is described as "Arena level". 200 level is on the same floor as the JR Saitama-Shintoshin station.
    Entrances are located as of the following: A, B, C gate = 200 level (2F), N gate = 400 level (4F), S1~S2, W1~4 gate = arena level (1F).

  • QAre tickets sold on the day of events?

    Whether purchasing of tickets during the day of event will depend on the event host's decision based it's current preparation status. It is usually announced they day prior to the event.
    Please contact us one day prior to the event.
    CONTACT Saitama Super Arena TEL: 048-601-1122(9:00~18:00)

Inside the Arena

  • QAre there areas for eating and drinking?

    <Before entrance>
    On the 1st and 3rd floor of Keyaki Hiroba, there are approx. 20 food stalls and shops.

    <After entrance>
    Food stalls are available on the "200 level" and "400 level".
    Saitama Super Arena Floor Map
    Floor Map

  • QIs eating/drinking allowed at the seats?

    Although it is usually allowed, restrictions may differ depending on the event (ex. Eating/drinking only at concourses, eating/drinking during breaks only).
    For safety reasons the bringing of cans/bottles into the arena is prohibited, thus the transferring of liquids into different containers may be required.

  • QIs smoking allowed in the arena?

    Due to the Health Promotion Act, smoking inside the arena is prohibited.
    Depending on the event, smoking areas may be available. For guidance, please ask staff.

  • QAre there coin lockers?

    Coin lockers are available in the following areas:

    <Lockers available before entrance>
    ・Keyaki Hiroba
    4 locker spaces are available on the 1st floor

    ・Saitama Super Arena
    Lockers are available next to the 1st floor information desk.
    Floor Map

    <Lockers available after entrance>
    ・Saitama Super Arena
    Lockers are available on the north side of the 2nd floor concourse.
    Floor Map

    ※Depending on the event, provisional cloak rooms may be provided by the event host. Please contact the host listed on your ticket.

  • QAre there diaper changing stations?

    <Stations available before entrance>
    Daiper changing stations are available on the 1st floor within the S1 gate, near the information desk.

    <Stations available after entrance>
    A station is available in the multipurpose toilets on the left of A gate on the 2nd floor. Please check the restroom sign before usage.

  • QIs there a nursing room?

    <Rooms available after entrance>
    There is a nursing room available on the left of A gate on the 2nd floor.

  • QAre there rental conference rooms?

    TOIRO, which is composed of 3 unique environments, can provides customers with the environment they seek according to their objectives (reception, concerts, seminars, exhibitions, meetings, ect.).
    Environments such as the 45㎡ "ROOM", and 300㎡ "STUDIO", and "SPACE" are available for use.

  • QAre you allowed to freely look around inside the arena?

    Due to constant preliminary work and equipment inspections (including days with no events), tours inside the arena are not allowed.
    However, "Super Arena Tours" are available are held irregularly for a fee.
    In this tour, tour guides will take you to event spaces, and areas which are not usually open, such as the backyard.


  • QAre there restrooms before entrance?

    Restrooms are available inside Keyaki Hiroba.
    However, restrooms are severely limited. Please plan accordingly.

  • QWill there be updates during times of events and sporting matches? (Such as who is winning)

    Due to the intentions of the event host, there will be no updates/results.

  • QAre taxi stands available?

    Taxi stands are available on the east side of the 1st floor of Keyaki Hiroba. Requesting taxis are convenient with Saitama Kotsu (0120-310-319 / 048-645-0551).

  • QWhere should I contact concerning lost items?

    Lost items at events are taken to the facility administrator from the event host after events. Please contact after 10am of the following day.
    Saitama Super Arena lost items TEL: 048-601-1122 (9am~6pm)

  • QWhat company operates Saitama Super Arena?

    The operations and management of Saitama Super Arena and Keyaki Hiroba installed by the Saitama Prefecture, in accordance with the Designated Manager System, is entrusted to Saitama Arena Co., Ltd.