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Facility Information

For any event there is an ideal format which provides the greatest enjoyment and excitement. Saitama Super Arena provides that ideal format. The variety of layouts and seating arrangements made possible by movable architectural block system mean that the ideal venue for any event can be created here.

  • Moving Block

    Moving Block

    The gigantic structure, weighing 15,000 tons and 41.5m high, moves a distance of 70 meters horizontally, a taking with it with approx. 9,000 seats and numerous facilities to transform the Main Arena into a Stadium accommodating up to 37,000.

  • Stadium


    The enormous space created by the Moving Block system provides a venue for concerts or trade shows held on a large scale.

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    • Center StageConcerts,gatherings:seating for approximately 37,000
    • Center StageConcerts,gatherings:seating for approximately 30,000
    • Center Stage14,600㎡
  • Main Arena

    Main Arena

    The Main Arena is the ideal venue for indoorsports such as basketball, tennis, as well as for musical events of many kinds. The exciting play of the athletes and the spectacular performances of the artistes reach into every corner of the arena, creating a strong sense of unity between the audience and the stage.

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    • Center StageConcerts,gatherings:seating for approximately 22,000
    • StadiumBasketball,volleyball,tennis,ice hockey,gymnastics, boxing, professional wrestling:seating for approximately 19,000-22,500
    • End Stage 1Concerts,gatherings:seating for approximately 12,500
    • End Stage 2Concerts,gatherings:seating for approximately 16,000
    • Exhibitions, trade shows7,100㎡
  • Community Arena

    Community Arena

    The arena makes maximum use of natural light and breezes to provide an open space for various events. Small-scale sporting events such as futsal can be held. The arena is perfect venue for exhibitions and festivals as well as community events such as flea markets.

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    • Community ArenaFutsal:seating for approximately 3,000
    • Exhibitions, trade shows7,500㎡
  • Simultaneous
    and Tandem Use

    Simultaneous and Tandem Use

    While an event is being held in the Main Arena, it is possible for a related event to be held in the Community Arena:
    or totally separate events may be held at the same time in the Main Arena and in the Community Arena.

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    Simultaneous and Tandem UseInternational sporting events (Basketball,volleyball)